Natural Fertility & IVF Support Program

Naturopathic Health and Wellness Centre

What happens during the appointment?

90 minutes is reserved for your first and second fertility consultation with your naturopath and 30 minutes for subsequent consultations.

During your appointment your medical history and general lifestyle will be reviewed in order to determine a naturopathic treatment program suited to your individual needs.

The natural fertility program is a specialised program for preconception health care with a view to achieving a natural, healthy conception.

The approach is based on common sense, focusing on optimal health for prospective parents before conception occurs to optimise your chances of a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby. It works with the natural cycles of the body and is based on restoring health.

The aim of the program is always a natural conception, although it is also used by some couples to support the effectiveness of assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF.

Our program focuses on nutrition, detoxification, lifestyle change, stress management and natural medicine to improve overall health and address any pre-existing health concerns.

Particularly for those experiencing fertility problems, Henriette will work in conjunction with your doctor or provide a referral to a doctor who specialises in reproductive health.

Medical tests, diagnosis and medicine are used to complement the natural therapy approach and seek to address and heal any issues rather than overriding them.

Benefits for prospective parents:
• Increased chance of a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby
• A successful alternative to assisted reproductive technologies for most fertility problems
• Gentle, natural and safe
• An empowering experience of understanding and managing your own fertility
• Improved general health and energy
• Appropriate for all couples planning a family
• Learn safe, natural contraception for after the birth of your baby
• Helpful for older parents or those with undiagnosed fertility problems

Benefits for your pregnancy and birth:
• Decreased chance of miscarriage, premature birth or stillbirth
• Decreased occurrence of common pregnancy complaints (such as morning sickness), as well as more serious problems (such as  gestational diabetes or hypertension)
• Increased change of a natural, unmedicated birth
• Decreased risk of postnatal depression

Benefits for your baby and child:
• Increased chance of a healthy, happy baby
• Reduced risk of congenital malformations (birth defects)
• Increased chance of problem-free breastfeeding and close bonding
• Less likely to suffer from various health and learning problems in childhood and as an adult
• Parents educated about diet and nutrition for a growing family

Benefits if assisted Reproductive Technologies is required:
• Has been found to more than double your chances of success with IVF (see Success Rates)
• Helps to avoid the increased miscarriage and health risks to mother and infant that may occur with IVF

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic

Disclaimer: We alert all prospective clients to the fact that our programs are not able to guarantee a successful outcome every time. Experience and research conducted of more than 2000 couples between 2002-2009 by Foresight –The Association for Promotion of Preconception Care, shows that preconception care greatly improve the chances of success. However, there can be no guarantee of conception in individual cases.