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Children's Health Appointment

An hour is reserved for your first consultation with your naturopath and 30 minutes for subsequent consultations.

Babies and children's health respond remarkably well to natural medicine. Children often get sick quickly and sometimes repeatedly. This is part of growing up and as their immune system become more mature, they generally become more resilient.

If your child is repeatedly picking up colds, gastrointestinal problems or ear infections, natural medicine can help strengthen your child's developing immune system. This can be particularly beneficial if you child attends daycare.

Common childhood conditions which often respond well to natural medicine include chronic infections such as ear infections and ‘glue ear’, tonsillitis, colds and flu and chest infections; asthma, allergies, digestive upsets, sleep problems.

Natural medicine is ideal for babies and children– because it is gentle and it helps to effectively restore healthy immune function.

Learning & Behavioural Problems & Autism
Conditions such as ADD/ADHD and Autism often respond very well to natural medicine and diet changes.
Many symptoms arise from food intolerance causing mood swings and/or hyperactivity. Getting your child to change his diet or to take medicine may require some persistence, but it is worth it in the end.

Naturopathic Approach
Henriette uses a range of safe, effective natural medicines including homeopathy, nutritional supplements and safe herbal medicines, dietary and lifestyle advice.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic