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About Henriette 

To get the most benefit from your consultations, your must be willing to seek new avenues to address any health issues concerning you. There is no magic pill, but together with your naturopath's guidance you can make tremendous improvement in your health.
You should expect to have to make modifications to your diet, take nutritional supplements and possibly herbal medicine to help get your body back into balance.

Deciding to see a naturopath is a step in the right direction and taking charge of your health.

Henriette Selch is a Naturopath and Homeopath, with over 15  years experience in the field of natural medicine, consulting in Perth, Western Australia.

Henriette has a special interest in general naturopathic medicine – including the treatment of men, women and children.

She believes that each person has their unique health issues and we choose to treat as such. This includes; comprehensive assessment of each case, individualised care plans, thorough explanation of test results including tests ordered by your doctor or fertility clinic to give a full picture of your situation. She also encourage all clients to ask any question they may have. Henriette believes that knowledge is power and loves empowering her clients to take charge of their health and fertility.

Henriette special areas of expertise is women’s health and has worked extensively with fertility, menopause and hormonal problems as well as digestive issues.

Henriette’s specialist training in fertility enables her to provide detailed preconception, infertility, pregnancy and post-natal health care programs.

Female hormonal issues, such as endometriosis, PCOS and as well as age related fertility issues, can often be helped by natural medicine as can male fertility issues such as poor sperm parameters and varicocele.
Henriette also provides preconception care for couples undergoing assisted reproductive technologies to support the effectiveness of IVF/ART.

Taking a holistic approach to treatment, Henriette uses herbal medicine, homeopathy, diet and lifestyle guidance to address the underlying problems and improve overall health and vitality.

Henriette Is registered with all major Health Funds.